Week of April 15, 2014
Week of April 82014

Since life isn't always​ punchlines...
Sometimes, I get to do a little Commercial cartooning...
Or Oil Painting...
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Week of April 22, 2014
This Week's Cartoon - May 6, 2014

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At long last, the book is finally out, and available in paperback
and Kindle versions at 
By Cris Hammond
Excitement is growing and great minds and talents from all over the world are grabbing their copies and spreading the word. I'm so moved...
Get laid off. Buy a barge in France. Take it to Paris.
Major studios are taking advantage of the buzz and product placement deals
 are pouring in...
This is the story of getting laid off, tossing the briefcase, and pushing 26 tons of riveted iron through France to Paris.

"When that bubbly young V.P of Human Resources touched me on the shoulder and said, "Have a nice life," I thought, Why the hell not?"
Kindle price: $4.99
Paperback: $12.59
Click on the book to go to Amazon.com to read more about the book.
Still doing cartoons by the way....